3 Daughters Brewery

One of the places I was taken to by my friends was 3 Daughter’s Brewing. I fell in love with this place!

As you can see from the photos in the gallery, it really has a cool set-up. They have their own craft beer which is super yum. The other thing I discovered is their CBD water. I usually will start with a couple of those before I move on to one of their craft seltzers. That’s right, seltzers. 3 Daughters makes their own beer, cider and seltzers, all of which are good. If you like something a bit sweet, go for the cider. If you want something with a hint of sweet, then the seltzers are the way to go. And…. you can buy the beer to go. I stocked up on CBD water and seltzers for the house. They also have an indoor bar if hanging out in the open air area gets too hot. Every band I’ve seen there as well has been pretty good. Depending on the show, they’ll break out picnic tables and they have a few small tables set-up socially distanced because of Covid. It’s in a great location. You can hand out here and easily walk to the bars in the neighborhood, including the Side Lot which is next door.

2020 3 Daughters Brewery Photo Gallery