Corvo Bianco Food Truck

So I have been following the various downtown markets and Dunedin was one of them so I ventured out. While I was there, some friends of mine who are also plant-based had their booth there and said I should come to lunch with them. They took me to the Corvo Bianco food truck which is permanently set up just outside the House of Beers there. As you can see from the chalk menu, there are TONS of food options. I was more impressed by all the vegan food options they had. So we loaded up.  We grabbed a couple different kinds of pizza along with the garlic knots and the buffalo cauliflower. My friends have tried everything and it is amazing. Even for meat eaters, the overwhelming amount of options assures you that you will be back to try them all. Not to mention you can grab a variety of beers at the House of Beer there as well. The food truck staff were great and managed to hustle through our orders in the Florida heat. It’s also in a great location. Downtown Dunedin has tons of shops, bars and restaurant but where this is located, it’s kind of nestled with other bars and restaurants. 

You can visit their website and check out the menu a bit closer.

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