Davis Island Dog Beach

My pups have never experienced the beach so I thought it would be a fun idea to Google for a dog friendly beach near me. There were several within a 12 mile radius so I chose the one on Davis Island. You have to wonder through downtown but it’s worth the drive. Rumor is, Tom Brady moved his family here but that’s just the word on the street. Anyway, super cute drive to this beach front dog park. It’s nestled in a park basically that has soccer fields, marina and it sits right next to a very small airport. There are two divided areas for your pets but it wasn’t really noted on the fences. The main area is where we hung out and that had dogs of all sizes playing and running around wrestling in the ocean. Video is coming soon. To get to a smaller fenced in area, you do have to walk through this larger area so from what I could tell there was no separate entrance so if you’re dog is iffy around other dogs, you’ll just have to hustle quickly through it. Now my dogs are older so they don’t play. Matter of fact I think they didn’t care much for the sand or water. My chiweenie stood near the water and just looked puzzled at why it was moving so much toward her. At the entrance there is an area where you can wash the sand off yourself and your pups. And believe me, you’re gonna go home with sand everywhere. But this is a really neat spot to take your pets and is one of several pet friendly beaches in Tampa.

Davis Island Dog Beach Photo Gallery