Exploring the Tampa Canals in a Kayak

One of the highlights of my move to Tampa was the availability of water ways to kayak on. I was very strategic in finding an apartment when I moved here that was on a canal. I live off one of the main canals off the Old Tampa Bay. I have spent hours just rolling down the water ways into the main canal observing wildlife and just looking for opportunities to see cool stuff. Just the other day, I had paddled out to the bay and was sitting there soaking up the sun and drinking my water when a couple of dolphins just came cruising by. It’s such a relaxing and fun experience and one you can do yourself. There are also a lot of Meet Up groups that go to other areas around Central Florida for kayak excursions. Kayaking is such a great form of exercise as well. You’ll feel it in your shoulders, back and abs, if you’re doing it right. And don’t worry about having someone with you. I do this many times by myself and just love it. My goal is to explore as much of Florida as I can in a kayak. I’ll continue to create a variety of posts of different areas I’ve explored and even some of the equipment I chose to get to enjoy my days out on the water. I’ll talk a little about tide and some other things to keep in mind that I’ve learned along the way but I won’t dig too deep. There are a lot of resources for that. I just want you to know what’s out there to explore while you’re here.

Pack up some snacks, a speaker for music and get on down the water! 


2020 Tampa Kayaking Gallery