St Pete Side Lot

The St Pete Side Lot is another one of those interesting places that you wouldn’t know existed unless you were a local. As the name says, it is literally an empty lot in between two buildings in what is called the Warehouse District of St Petersburg, Florida. Across the street is a brewery called 3 Daughters. It is not covered and is completely outdoors. There are 2 bars but they are free standing. It appears they can break them down and move them anywhere on the property I guess based on the event. They usually have local live bands there but they are also host to other events like night markets and other things. You can rent the space for your own event as well. I would recommend following them on Facebook as they do a good job of posting upcoming events. It is a standing room only venue with very few chairs and it hosts port-o-potties instead of bathrooms so keep that in mind. While I am not a music critic, I think the stage is in a bad location. Not only does it narrow the standing room for viewing the stage but the speakers and music bounce off the opposing walls. Overall, it’s a fun place. And because they are across from each other, you can always start at 3 Daughters and go back and forth. Lastly, the most I’ve paid to go in is $10, so price is all based on the show.

HEEL ALERT: Ladies! DO NOT wear heels to this venue. It is all gravel. You will ruin a great pair of Jessica Simpsons so be warned. I hate to say it but come out in flats, boots or flip-flops. Because as I’ve learned, flip-flops are the Florida state shoe!


2020 St Pete Side Lot Photo Gallery