Sanding Ovations Master's Cup

The Sanding Ovations Master’s cup is a pretty cool event held in the Central Florida area. It was held in 2020 in a location called Treasure Island. Treasure Island is really this little strip off of the St. Pete Beach area. The Bilmar Beach resort was the host this year. I decided to wonder out there on my own and check it out. The theme this year for the sand sculpting events was “Sandhenge“. With that being said, all the sculptures featured cavemen, dinosaurs and other items from that era in history. It was fascinating to see such beautiful art work. By the time I had gotten there, most of the sculptures were done however, Dan Doubleday was there visiting with everyone while working on his piece. The event is all day into the night. There are tons of vendors that are selling food and various clothing items. I saw one drink tent so you could grab a beer and roam the exhibits. I didn’t go in the evening but at night, all the sculptures are all lit up. In the gallery below, you’ll see a photo a friend of mine sent me when he went by there at night. This event occurs every year and is a must see.

2020 Sandhenge Photo Gallery